Washington D.C. Streets In The 1920's.

A selection of street scenes taken in Washington D.C. in the 1920's, some of which follow in succession.

Picture 1: 13th & G Streets Washington D.C. 1924.
The first of two pictures taken in close succession on a Washington street in the 1920's.
On closer inspection you can see people from the first photograph still in the second exposure. The two police officers, for example, see in the bottom half of the first photograph have moved down to the corner by the barricades and are talking to a citizen.

Picture 2: 13th & G Streets Washington D.C. 1924.

The second set of pictures is again from an unidentified street, but is set over three exposures.

In this set you can see people come and go along the streets in front of the shops, while the shopkeeper at the confectioners comes outside and opens the awning over the shop windows.

Picture 1:Washington, D.C. 1924 unidentified street.

Picture 2: Washington, D.C. 1924 unidentified street.

Picture 3:Washington, D.C. 1924 unidentified street.

Unidentified Washington street 1923.

Trolley car passing street construction at corner of Pennsylvania & F. St., looking toward Treasury Building, Washington, D.C. 1919.

9th & F Streets 1919.

Finally another successive photograph set, again showing an unidentified street.

Picture 1: Unidentified Washington street.

Picture 2: Unidentified Washington street.

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