The Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station 1917.

Image courtesy of the Harris and Ewing collection at the Library Of Congress at Washington D.C.

The American Red Cross motor corps was first organised by Florence Jaffray Harriman. The motor corps has about 45 members (Mostly made up of women of independent means). It was based at a garage at Sixteenth and M streets in Washington D.C.
The War and Navy department primarily used the service to transport war workers who had fallen sick, although in most cases it dealt with those suffering from the influenza pandemic of 1918.

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Florence Jaffray Harriman

Sing Sing Prison

An Aerial view of the famous Sing Sing Prison circa 1920.

The Park Row (Syndicate) Building

Designed by Architect Robert Henderson Robertson the Park Row building was completed in 1899. It was one of the first structures to be called a skyscraper. At 391 ft (119.2m) tall, it was the tallest office building in the world from 1899 until 1908, until the Singer building was completed.

Syndicate [Park Row] Building in course of construction, as seen from Broadway, New York. 1898.

Park Row Building completed, View from Broadway, New York City 1902. by A. Loeffler.

"I could stay in Atlantic City forever."

Image courtesy of the Detroit Publishing Co.

A photographer taking a publicity picture of a group with donkey, holding a sign reading "I could stay in Atlantic City forever". Atlantic City, N.J. circa 1900

American President Woodrow Wilson 1920.

Image Courtesy: Harris & Ewing 1920.

Nobel laureate, co founder of the League Of Nations and 28th American President Woodrow Wilson, (seated at desk with his wife, Edith Bolling Galt) pictured in an official photograph after his recovery from a stroke. Harris & Ewing 1920.

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Woodberry Forrest Gymnasium Team

Woodberry Forrest Gymnasium Team by Harris and Ewing taken sometime between 1905-45.

Portrait of America Number 83.

Portrait of America no. 83 (1944) from the Office of war Information. America's petroleum industries pour out fuel and lubricants for the United Nations.

14 Inch Guns 1917.

Image courtesy of the Harris & Ewing collection.
14 inch guns at the Navy Yard, Washington being made ready to be taken to proving grounds 1917.

Oak Alley 1938.

Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress at Washinhgton D.C.
Oak Alley, St. James Parish, Vacherie 1938 by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Grand Canyon 1872.

The Grand Canyon and Colorado River in 1872 as taken by J. Fennemore. The figure sitting on the canyon edge at top right is his travelling companion and fellow photographer John Hillers.

Image courtesy of the Library Of Congress at Washington D.C.
The Grand Canyon and Colorado River in 1872 by J. Fennemore.

Spirit of St. Louis at Bolling Field 1928

The final flight of the Spirit of St. Louis when Lindbergh flew from St. Louis to Bolling Field, Washington, D.C. were the Spirit of St. Louis was presented to the Smithsonian Instutute.

Spirit of St. Louis at Bolling Field 1928

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Tank demonstration

Image Courtesy: The National Photo Company.
Tank demonstration, Camp Meade 1922.

The Williamsburg Bridge 1911

Photogravure print of the Williamsburg bridge in 1911 by Alvin Langdon.

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Oil derrick in the garden 1944.

An oil well, marked by a tall, steel derrick, is producing oil for the United Nations in the garden of a private home in Oklahoma City 1944.

Human giant 1908.

Image courtesy of the George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

Photograph of a large individual enjoying a beer and cigar, possibly taken in New York Around 1908. I have been unable to find any more information on this photograph.

Miocene Ditch Company 1910.

Hydraulic mining by the Miocene Ditch Company number 5 operation at Glacier Creek Alaska 1910.