Unionist Patriotic Prints From The American Civil War

A pair of pro Unionist, patriotic, lithographic prints, produced in 1861, during the American civil war.

Fate of the Rebel Flag, lithographic print, courtesy of the Library Of Congress.

First of a pair of unionist patriotic prints based on paintings by William Bauly, issued by New York art publisher William Schaus in September 1861. The lithograph, "Fate of the Rebel Flag", resembles its companion piece, "Our Heaven Born Banner" in format, colouring, and its militantly Unionist theme. The print shows a nocturnal scene, in which a large warship sinks and burns on a calm sea littered with debris. The flames take on the configuration of the red, white, and blue flag of the first Confederacy flag, the blue field with seven stars being formed by the night sky showing through the flames.

Our Heaven Born Banner, lithographic print, courtesy of the Library Of Congress.

A pro-Union patriotic print, based on Frederic Edwin Church's oil painting "Our Banner in the Sky" was published in New York by Goupil & Co. in 1861. The lithographic print shows a lone Zouave (Zouave regiments were made up by volunteers not conscripts) sentry watching from a promontory as the dawn breaks in the distance. His rifle and bayonet form the staff of an American flag whose design and colors are formed by the sky's light. The print is accompanied by eight lines of verse:

When Freedom from her mountain height,
Unfurled her standard to the air,
She tore the azure robe of night,
And set the stars of glory there.
She mingled with its gorgeous dyes,
The milky baldrick of the skies,
And striped its pure celestial white,
With streakings of the morning light.

Old New York Part 2

This is the second part of a series of pictures taken by the Detroit Publishing Company, in and around New York City in the late 19th and early twentieth century. Please refer to the first part for credits and more information on the Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

The famous Mulberry Street, New York City 1900.

The Elevated train (now part of the subway system), photographed from One Hundred and Tenth Street, New York City 1900.

The Famous Bowery area, New York City 1900.

West Street, outside the Central New Jersey Railroad, New York City 1901.

Detroit Publishing Company photograph of the South Street seaport, showing the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance, New York City, 1901.

Pictures Of Old New York Part 1

The following photographs are taken from the Detroit publishing company collection of color Photochrom prints, housed at the library of congress. They were all taken around 1900 in the city of New York.

Fifth Avenue at Fifty-first Street, New York City 1900

Newspaper Row in 1900, taken by the Detroit Publishing Company, showing the Sun Building, the Tribune Building (with clock tower), and the original New York Times Building. The area was extensively redeveloped in the 1960's under the Brooklyn Bridge Title I Project, and the site is now home to one place plaza, a complex of classrooms and administrative offices of Pace university.

Marble Collegiate Church and Holland House, New York 1901

The Little Church Around the Corner, New York City 1900

High Bridge, New York 1900

American Advertising Posters From The Late 19th Century.

Advertisement for Dr. D. Jayne's tonic vermifuge, showing Moses held in a basket, 1889.

Advertisement for Prang's Valentine cards showing a woman holding a group of tethered cherubs, who float like a bunch of balloons above her. Produced for L. Prang & Co.,Boston 1883.

Advertising print from the 1890's showing a well dressed young woman, seated at a table, holding up a glass of Coca-Cola, next to a "Drink Coca-Cola 5 cents" sign.

Advertisement from 1885 for International brand baking powder, Manufactured by the Queen City Chemical Co., Buffalo, N.Y. Poster shows a cat, captioned "Tom's nap interrupted by International brand baking powder", awakened by bread rising.

1892 advertisement for the Anheuser Busch Brewing Co., The Poster is captioned "The hostess" and shows a woman, wearing a necklace bearing the Anheuser Busch insignia "A", holding a bottle of Budweiser beer with a German label.

Advertising poster for Newsboy Cigars, manufactured by Brown Brothers, Detroit 1894.

Captioned "Up and going", this poster for Excelsior Ginger Ale was printed in 1885 by John Klee, Dayton, Ohio, and Joseph R. Peebles' Sons, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Poster to show the Pullman service compartment cars. The poster shows the interior of the dining cars on the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad in 1894.

Advertisement for the Sheboygan Boot & Shoe Co., showing a scene at a Native American camp, with a woman outside a tipi, holding up a baby for a man on horseback. Below are a bird's-eye view of the city, and a view of the factory entitled "from a true photograph".

Advertising poster for a free harbor jubilee at Los Angeles and San Pedro on the 26th and 27th of April 1899. The poster shows a woman in a jewelled dress blowing a horn in front of an aerial view of the port of Los Angeles, California, with Railroad lines connect Los Angeles and the bay.

1886 advertisement for Oberne Hosick & Co. hard water soap, showing a woman at a well, using soap in a tub with a washboard.

Poster for the Globe Tobacco Company proclaiming Chew Globe fine cut 1885.

All posters in this collection courtesy of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

Red Sox Baseball Players.

Image Credit: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

Bain Newspaper Service photograph showing, from left to right, George Herman "Babe" Ruth, Ernest G. "Ernie" Shore, George "Rube" Foster, and Dellos "Del" Gainer, while playing for the Boston Red Sox baseball team, shown in uniform, sitting on a low wall in front of a dugout. Photograph taken sometime between 1915 and 1917.

More Information.

George Herman Ruth, Jr.

Ernest Grady Shore

George Foster

Dellos Clinton Gainer

Tobacco Box Labels And Covers From The 19th Century.

Pearl Tobacco cover from 1871.

An 1868 Mule ear cover for Harris, Beebe & Cos., Quincy, Ill.

An early endorsement for tobacco from general Ulysses S Grant, cover for a box of Grants Tobacco 1874.

Cover for a box of Ariel Tobacco 1869.

1868 poster advertising "Jupiter cigars for sale here."

Cover of a box of The National Tobacco 1868.

Print of a tobacco label showing a head-and-shoulders portrait of a dog dressed as a man, facing forwards, wearing monocle, shown with a bottle of champagne, a pipe, and a bag of pipe tobacco in the foreground, Captioned as The Young Swell.

Yosemite Tobacco, Fine Cut, produced by John T. Hancock, Dubuque, Iowa 1872.

Tobacco label for Echo Chewing Tobacco by J. Brown & Co. of Detroit, Michigan 1873.

Cover for Flora brand 1873.

Charm of the East Chewing tobacco cover, produced by O.P. Shattuck, Worcester, Mass,1872.

Suggett & Kimball's peerless tobacco, 1864.

Tobacco label for national Guard Brand Tobacco, label shows three officers of the New York State Militia 1857.

Rivals brand Chewing tobacco by the Spence Brothers and Co., Cincinnati, O. 1872.

Neptune brand box cover, Manufactured by J.L. Adams 1866.

Tobacco label for Ocean queen box cover 1875.

Fischer's own, produced by Bliss Moore & Co., Chicago 1872.

Box cover registered by A Thomas & sons sometime between 1860 and 1880.

Tobacco package label for Black Hawk Brand. Label depicting "Black Hawk", on horse, scanning the horizon. 1870's.

Cat Photographer.

A picture from the Library Of Congress animals collection. Taken in 1898 and entitled "The Rogues Gallery", the author is uncredited.

A Collection Of British First World War Posters.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Poster showing god of war Mars, in Roman dress, encouraging British munitions workers (i.e., god of fire Vulcan) to supply armaments for the troops seen in the background. Poster by Frank Brangwyn, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee.

Poster courtesy of the Willard and Dorothy Straight Collection, designed by Guy Lipscome 1917.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915

Poster by Frank Brangwyn, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Publicity poster for the Blue Cross fund for animals wounded during the war.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary War Savings Committee, 1915.

Poster produced by the London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915. Taken from an original Photograph by F. Foxton in Scarborough 1915.

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Frank Brangwyn

The Blue Cross Fund