French World War One Posters.

A male figure armed with a sword pulling the French flag away from the German Imperial eagle.Text reads: Credit Lyonnais, Subscribe to the 4th National Loan. Poster by Abel Faivre. 1918

Compagnie Algerienne (Algeria and French West Africa sent 500,000 men to fight for France). Subscribe to the Liberation Loan. By Maurice Romberg 1918.

For the flag! For victory! Subscribe to the National Loan~ Banque Nationale de Credit. By Georges Scott Bretin 1917.

The allied flags bearing down on Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Liberation Loan. By Abel Faivre 1918.

Each piece of gold brought to the bank brings us one hour closer to final victory. 1914-15.

An officer on horseback is leading troops of French soldiers past a statue of the personification of Strasbourg.Title reads: National Loan 1917. Bonbright et Co. Paris, by Dusin 1917.

The 3rd National Defense Loan. Subscribe for the France that fights! For the one who grows bigger each day. By Auguste Leroux 1917.

The 3rd National Defense Loan. Credit Lyonnais, Subscribe. By Abel Faivre 1917.

Poster for the second National Defense Loan, by A Robaudi 1916.

For the greatest effort, National Loan. Societe Generale. Signed: M. Falter 1918.

For the freedom of the world. Subscribe to the National Loan at the Banque Nationale de Credit. Signed: SEM 1917.

Soldiers from the different allied forces each carrying their country's flag into battle.They fight: Let us subscribe. By V Prouve 1918.

French Republic. The 3rd National Defense Loan. Signed: A. Lelong 1917.

Deposit your gold for France. Gold fights for victory. Signed by Abel Faivre 1915.

Poster reads: Banque Industrielle de Chine, the 4th National Loan. By Baste 1918.


kamagra said...

Very nice, I've been collecting this kind of posters but those illustrations has been increasing its costs, last night I was looking for it at Amazon and they are so expensive, around $6000 each one. 23jj

JMofGuads said...

How do I find out more re this fascinating topic? I have five BIG posters (Banque International de Chine, Credit Lyonnais, Emprunt de la Defense Nationale (N'oubliee pas...), Comptoir National d'eccompte de Paris, La Marseillaise), which have unfortunately been mounted decades ago. How might they be best conserved??

Many thanks for any comments or suggestions.

Michael Queen

JMofGuads said...

How can I find out more about this fascinating artform?? I have five BIG posters, which have unfortunately been mounted decades ago. Should they be conserved?

Many tahnaks for any comments or suggestions,


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