10 Zoo Posters From The Works Progress Administration.

The Works Progress Administration was established in 1935 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as part of the New Deal programme. Until its closure, during the war boom, in 1943, the agency was the largest employer set up under the new deal programme. The Works Progress Administration provided jobs many jobs in the arts and media to people who were under financial hardship, setting conditions of 30 hours a week and pay set at the average local level, it offered almost unrivaled opportunities for many workers, indeed some projects even stipulated adult education as part of their contracts.
Below is a collection of posters produced to advertise or promote local zoos. The works were simple block or screen prints, produced in local areas, by local people.

Work Projects Administration Poster Collection 1938: Visit the Brookfield Zoo by the "L", Gregg Arlington.

NYC : Federal Art Project: Who's who in the zoo Illustrated natural history, prepared by the WPA Federal Writers Project, Sidney Jacobson 1937.

Pennsylvania : Federal Art Project,Work Projects Administration Poster Collection produced between 1936 and 1941.

Philadelphia Work Projects Administration Poster Collection, by Hugh Stevenson 1937.

Pennsylvania : WPA Federal Art Project, Louise Welsh 1937.

W.P.A Federal Art Project, Mildred Waltrip 1938.

Work Projects Administration Federal Arts Programme, Designed by Carken,1936.

Visit the Brookfield Zoo free Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Poster by Carken 1936.

Pennsylvania : Federal Art Project, W.P.A., produced between 1936 and 1941

Pennsylvania : WPA Federal Art Project, designed by Hugh Stevenson, 1937

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