Early Twentieth Century Japanese Woodblock Prints.

A small selection of early twentieth century Japanese woodblock prints with a water base theme.

Sanbashi Bridge in Fukugawa at night.

Kojima Island.

Snipe bird in reeds by Koson Ohara.

Evening sailboats by Koson Ohara.

Sailboats and Mount Fuji by Konen Uehara.

The sparkling sea by Hiroshi Yoshida.

Karasaki pines at night on Lake Biwa.

Evening sailboats by Koson Ohara.

Ocean waves by Konen Uehara.

Shubi Pine.

Waves by Konen Uehara.

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection, thanks for sharing.

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jowdjbrown said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

Maybe playing a game of basketball or football? Or just horsing around with the kids? If you're crafty. DX Print