A Collection Of Trucks 1900-1940.

A photographic collection of old trucks, taken between 1900 and 1940. The collection includes a mixture of images, which are both publicity productions and candid shots of working trucks. All the images unless stated otherwise are courtesy of the Library Of Congress at Washington D.C.

Cap Towel Service truck, taken sometime between 1909-40.

W.A. Smoot & Co. autocar truck sometime between 1910-20.

Mack truck, 1920, Image courtesy The National Photo Company.

Ford Motor Co., Capitol bedding truck, Photograph taken sometime between 1910-26.

Semmes Motor Co. Schwartzmann truck (Hellmann's Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise) 1910-26.

Penn Oil Truck 1920, Image by the National Photo Collection.

Grove Lime & Coal Co. Taken between 1910-20.

C.M. Woolf & Co., sometime between 1910-20.

Dorsch's Ford truck 1923.

Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. T.L.V. Coal truck taken between 1918-28.

Duplex truck, promotional photograph 1920.

Texas [Texaco] Co. Ace truck, taken sometime between 1910-26.

United States Express Company truck, photographed between 1910-17, taken by Harris & Ewing.

Packard three-ton truck, taken by The Detroit Publishing Company 1910.

Thomas J Crack, Oldsmobile truck 1920.

Holmes Bakery, Ford truck 1923.

Altemus-Hibble truck 1920.

Emerson & Orme, Buick service truck 1921.

Guaranty Storage Co. truck

Thompson's Dairy truck 1925.

Standard Duplex truck, 1920.

Ford Motor Co., Banner Laundry truck, taken sometime between 1909-40.

James B. Lambie Co., 1910-20.


Yuri Belyaev said...

This is a beautiful collection!
Very thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW I never new that oldsmobile or buick made trucks. Great pics!!

Duncan Moredock said...

This collection of trucks tells a history, and I know there are stories as well as to how they came to be. I just love old things such as old cars and old trucks. My favorite among them is the Mack truck.

bombero 56 32 said...

Beautiful pictures.
¿Anyone interested in restoring a Duplex military truck found in Chile?