The Onion - America's finest News Source.

The paper claims to be over 250 years old, originally published in the mid 18th century. It was named by the the paper's immigrant founder, Herman Ulysses Zweibel The Mercantile Onion. Primarily because they were the only two English words he knew. The newspaper's motto was Tu Stultus Es, or 'You are stupid' in Latin. In Fact, The Onion was founded in 1988 by Tim Keck, who went on to found The Stranger and Christopher Johnson, who runs The Weekly Alibi.
A website was launched in 1996 to bring the onion to a mass market, and in 2007 the onion launched the onion network news a satirical take on the 24 hour news and entertainment networks.
The high quality and just about believable nature evident in the onion news stories can often catch out the unaware. It was reported that the Beijing Evening News republished, the article "Congress Threatens To Leave DC Unless New Capitol building Is Built". The story about the US Congress threatening to leave Washington for another city unless Washington DC. built them a new Capitol building with a "retractable dome".
The article was a parody of U.S. sports franchises' threats to leave their home city unless new stadiums are built for them by the city. Another story about a child called Chad Carter who had bankrupted the Make a Wish Foundation by "wishing for unlimited wishes" was posted around the Internet as genuine.
The Onion, "America's finest News Source", has a good selection of videos on its online outlet the The site also contains video clips from the onion network news and podcasts of onion radio.

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