The Japanese Art of Furoshiki

Furoshiki (meaning bath spread) is the art of decoratively wrapping objects in silk cloths. It dates back as far as the Japanese Nara period, (AD710). The practice started as a way to wrap clothing and belongings while attending public baths. Furoshiki evolved to be a means for merchants to transport their goods or to protect and decorate a gift. Today it can be an environmentally friendly way to carry goods or an unusual way to wrap a gift.

More Information.

Furoshiki .com hosts several videos and galleries on furoshiki.
wikipedia has more information.


Anonymous said...

very interesting, actually your blog is really good all round.

Anonymous said...

intresting, but how durable would it be as regards wet items like milk. it would need a huge shift in customer expectation for this to catch on. Wonder what happened to the idea of bio degradable plastic bags? .