Solar Flares

A solar flare is a an explosion on the surface of the Sun, it occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the suns atmosphere is suddenly released. Particles are heated and accelerated in the solar atmosphere and radiation is emitted across the entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. The energy released in a flare is ten million times greater than the energy released from a volcanic explosion.

Solar flare up close

Inside a flare, the temperature can be as high as 100 million degrees Kelvin. Solar flares tend to eject solar matter, mostly protons and electrons, into space. These events are called coronal mass ejections.
Solar flares coincides with the Sun's eleven year cycle. When the solar cycle is at a minimum, active regions are small and rare and few solar flares are detected. These increase in number as the Sun approaches the maximum part of its 11 year cycle.

A Solar Flare Up Close.

National Geographic video on solar storms

A montage of solar storms and flares.

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