The Photography Of Russell Lee.

A collection of the works of American photographer and photo journalist Russell Lee.
Lee worked for the Farm Security Administration as a documentry photographer in the late 1930's and early 40's, before the American entry to the second world war. After the war he went on to work as a photographer for the Exxon Corperation. In 1965 he accepted the newly created post of photography teacher at the university of Texas.

Interior of hamburger stand. Waiting for customer, Alpine, Texas, May 1939.

Ice cream stand along highway near Berlin, Connecticut, October 1939.

Cold drinks on Fourth of July. Vale, Oregon, July 1941.

Second hand tires displayed for sale. San Marcos, Texas, March 1940.

Geese in pen on side of car, market square, Waco, Texas, November 1939.

Tavern on south side of Chicago, Illinois April 1941.

Grocery delivery May 1938.

Girls at the Imperial County Fair, California March 1942.

The younger generation in front of clothing store, San Augustine, Texas, April 1939.

Exhibit of grapefruit at the Imperial County Fair, California March 1942.

Cactus light standard in front of hotel in Phoenix, Arizona May 1940.

Monument erected to Popeye, Crystal City, Texas. This is in the spinach growing center, March 1939.

Lineman,(electrical). Canyon County, Idaho, May 1941.

All day community sing, Pie Town, New Mexico, June 1940.

Two farmers talking to popcorn man, San Augustine, Texas, April 1939.

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