Louis Bleriot's Plane Over Dover 1909.

In 1909 Bleriot completed the first flight across a large body of water in a powered heavier than air craft.
Blériot flew in the Bleriot IX, a simple monoplane powered by a 3 cylinder, 25 horsepower, radial engine. Setting out at 4.30 am on July 25 1909, he began his historic flight. He climbed to 250 feet and settled into a cruising speed of 40 miles an hour. Accompanying him for part of the way was a French destroyer that was tasked to escort him, bad weather and strong winds meant he soon outpaced, and lost site of his escort. Landing in Dover 37 minutes later, Bleriot had flown 22 miles from Barraques to Dover.

Image Credit: The Bain News Service Collection at the Library Of Congress at Washington D.C.

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